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Concrete Testing Equipments

SE-Test India Pvt. Ltd. manufactures wide range of concrete testing equipments of direct utility in the civil engineering sector. Our concrete testing instruments are developed as per the industry demands and offer high level of precision and accuracy in measurements. Responding to the growing use of concrete in diversity of projects relating to housing and infrastructure, SE-Test India makes resonant equipments that assist the engineers and technicians in assessing the quality parameters of the concrete mixes. All the important attributes of concrete mix can be easily derived through our simple to use yet highly reliable apparatuses.

SE-Test India is among the leading concrete testing equipments suppliers. Our ‘in house’ testing and development division works continuously to ensure perfection and eliminate the quality and performance issues in the products. Our entire range of concrete lab testing equipment is manufactured under the close supervision of specialists on board SE-Test India. They monitor the quality of production while also ensuring the use of top materials like stainless steel of appropriate grades, brass and measuring scales that are attached to precisely read the values

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With such a broad range to choose from, we are the leading concrete testing equipments manufacturers! Engineering firms and analysts have been using our concrete lab testing equipment to assess accurately the dimensions of density and consistency, fluidity, compression and compaction characteristics, permeability and aeration and curing dynamics of the mixes of diverse types.

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