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Aggregate Testing Lab Equipment

Vibrating Cup Mill

Business Type: Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, Retailers, Wholesalers

Make: Setest India
Origin: India

Model No.: SET-1418

As a leading vibratory cup mill manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Delhi, India, we take pride in delivering high-quality equipment that revolutionizes sample preparation for elemental analysis and phase analysis. Get CE certified Vibratory Cup Mills that offer the full benefits of program controlled grinding processes, ensuring reproducibility, and bringing forth optimal analysis results. With cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, our Vibratory Cup Mills are the go-to solution for efficient and accurate sample preparation.

Program Controlled Grinding

Equipped with programmable controllers, the mill offers unparalleled precision and reproducibility in sample preparation. This controlled grinding mechanism ensures consistent and uniform particle size reduction, leading to reliable and accurate analysis results.

CE Certification

The CE certification assures our customers that our equipment adheres to European Union regulations, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and user safety. Key Features

1. Programmable Controllers- precision at your fingertips

From grinding time and speed to the intensity of vibration, you have full control over the grinding process, ensuring reproducibility and consistent results.

2. Efficient Sample Preparation

The mill delivers rapid and uniform grinding, reducing the time required to achieve the desired particle size. This increased productivity allows for a higher sample throughput, enabling faster analysis and data acquisition.

3. Versatile Grinding Capabilities

Whether you are working with minerals, metals, ceramics, or any other material, our mills can effectively grind samples to the desired particle size, ensuring accurate and representative analysis.

4. Robust Construction

The vibratory cup mill are built with robust construction, utilizing high-quality materials to withstand rigorous use and provide long-term reliability.


Experience the power of CE certified vibratory cup mill for efficient and accurate sample preparation. As a trusted manufacturers and suppliers, exporters in Delhi, India, we are committed to delivering high-quality equipment that meets the demands of modern laboratories. Invest in our Vibratory Cup Mills Manufacturers, Suppliers and exporters in Delhi, India today and unlock the full potential of your sample preparation process.

Standards: For the last ten years, we have been the number one choice for clients when they look for Lasb Mini Roll Crusher manufacturers in Delhi, India. Our extensive industry knowledge, on-site testing, and highly equipped research lab enable us to manufacture high-quality and easy-to-use roll crushers. This product is used to minimise the overall size of brittle materials. Coal, salt, limestone, clay, mica, and other ores are crushed through roll crushers. Customers purchase this product from lab mini roll crusher exporters in Delhi, India and use it in industries like mining, power, FMCG, and heavy material industries.


  • More options:- We have four types of roll crusher single, double, triple, and quad. Based on your industry requirement, you may choose any of them.
  • Abrasion and rust-resistant outer body:- Fabricated steel base frame made up of good quality steel makes the Product robust.
  • Easy Handling:- Order the products from roll crusher suppliers and manufacturers in Delhi, India, and feel the difference in handing.


  • Voltage- 440 V
  • Frequency- 50 TO 60HZ
  • Operative module- Automatic
  • Capacity- Between 1 TPH to 3 TPH. We also manufacturers a roll crusher with a crushing capacity of more than that.
  • Crushing capacity:- Up to 150 kg per hour, It may vary based on the Product.
  • Feeding size- 10 to 18MM
  • Finishing Size: 0.5 to 3mm
  • Power supply:- 4 Pole, 16 AMP, AC

We have become one of the biggest lab mini roll crusher suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters in Delhi, India through our affordable prices.

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