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Rock Testing Lab Equipments

Unconfined Compression Tester for Rocks

Business Type: Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, Retailers, Wholesalers

Make: Setest India
Origin: India

Model No.: SET-1511

ASTM 2938, D7012

This equipment is generally used for measuring the compressive strength of rocks settled in an intact position. Rock samples equal to or less than the machine capacity are kept in the loading frame. The machine determines the force and volume by measuring the diameter, inner composition, and others. If required, the tester also heats the rocks to reach the exact strength figure. We are an unconfined compression tester for rock manufacturers in Delhi, India and have been dealing with this industrial and civil engineering equipment for years.

The Se-Test India load frame is extremely versatile and designed to conduct Triaxial Unconfined tests and Unconfined Compression Tests for rock specimens with diameters of 38-100mm and AX, BX, and NX specimens.

Features of Unconfined compression tester for rocks:

  • Versatile load frame: This feature enables engineers to use different specimens of rock for strength testing. Our machine can handle rocks with a diameter of 38 mm to 100 mm, saving lots of time, effort, and money for all. Unconfined compression testers for rock manufacturers and suppliers exporters in Delhi, India.
  • Easy to transport: some essential parts of the product are easily detachable. In the case of transportation, detach the loading part and carry the product with ease. It also avoids any damage to tension rods.
  • Enclosed motor and gear system: Two vital components of this product are enclosed inside the machine. That makes it light in weight and sturdy in design.

Specifications of Unconfined compression tester for rocks:

  • LED Display:- 4 Line display in black light, Up to 20 character
  • Presence of live channel data
  • Availability of different communication interfaces like Ethernet, Web Server, RS232, USB, Modbus server, etc.
  • If you are looking for this product, contact unconfined compression tester for rock suppliers in Delhi, India.
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