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SOIL Testing Lab Equipment

Rotap Sieve Shaker

Business Type: Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, Retailers, Wholesalers

Make: Setest India
Origin: India

Model No.: SET-1255

SE-Test Lab Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd is the leading manufacturer and Rotap sieve shaker Suppliers, manufacturers and exporters in Delhi, India. We offer table Rotap Sieve Shaker assists in producing uniform motion for shaking. Rotap sieve shaker with heavy duty electric motor (1/4 HP) that enables the machine to provide efficient circular and hammering motions.

Our rotap sieve shaker designed standard model to accept 8Inch diameter sieves and also accommodates 3", 4", 5", 6", 10" and 12" diameter sieves. Regardless of diameter, any one material sample can be tested on a series of 7 full height (2") or 15 half height (1") sieves at one time, plus bottom pan and top cover. Furthermore, these machines are used with or without sound enclosure which is optional.

It is widely used in research and development, quality control of raw materials, and production monitoring. SE-Test Lab is high-quality Rotap sieve shaker Manufacturers as per ISO standards. Each unit of Rotap sieve shaker can work continuously over a long period without affecting the performance.

Key Features:

Precise and consistent particle size analysis Adaptable Digital Analog and timer
Ideal for a variety of testing materials Specified for several ASTM standards
Uniform mechanical movements Support different sizes of sieves
Adjustable timer Digital or Analog Driven by a ¼ HP geared motor

With the help of professionally talented engineers and experts are serving the industry with high-quality test sieve shakers. We deliver a higher level of satisfaction to the consumer with unmatched customer service as a Rotap sieve shaker Exporters, manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi, India.

Due to durable construction, ergonomic design, user-friendly features our Rotap Sieve Shakers have been acclaimed and recommended by industry experts. As far as the user experience and budget concerned, our rotap sieve shaking machines are been built with high-quality parts and accessories ensuring stress-free performance and accurate results.

Rotap Sieve Shakers are assemblies, primarily used for research and development, quality control of raw materials as well in production monitoring. These machines can work over a longer period continuously without affecting their performance and output.

Model SET-1254 SET-1254A SET-1254B SET-1254C
Capacity 8" or 200 mm sieves 12" or 300 mm sieves two (columns) of 8" or 200 mm sieves (8" or 200 mm) / (12" or 300 mm) sieves
Sound Enclosure Optional
Construction Cast Iron, Painted Mild steel
Motor ¼ HP
Timer 0 - 60 Minutes
Timer Type Digital / Analog
Standard ASTM
Power Supply 220 Volts
Certifications CE and ISO
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)