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Rock Testing Lab Equipments

Point Load Index Tester

Business Type: Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, Retailers, Wholesalers

Make: Setest India
Origin: India

Model No.: SET-1507

Standards: IS 8764

The Point Load Index Tester is supplied for ascertaining the diametrical point load strength index of rock cores used for determining the irregular lumps which are required to be tested without any specific treatment. The point load index tester is specifically considered for determining the strength of the rock materials mainly utilised for the measurements field on the specimen of rock. However, it can also prove to be equally effective in laboratories. The results can be used for the purpose of predicting the uniaxial compact strength of the rock derived from correlations. Further, due to its light weight and digital point load index tester manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Delhi, India, it can be used in the laboratory as well as the field.


  • Point Load Index Tester is light and portable
  • Rock core tested without any preparation
  • This instrument can be uesed wide range of core size tested
  • The uniaxial compressive strength of rock.
  • This instrument can be uesed wide range of core size tested
  • Point Load frame has adequate adjustments to align perfectly loading
  • Loading platens position of the ram of the hydraulic jack

The Point Load Test Apparatus Comprised the Followings:

  • Loading Frame, fitted hand operated, capacity 100 KN with Hydraulic Jack
  • 25KN (2,500 kgf) load gauge to read upto 0.25KN (25kgf)
  • 100KN (10,000 kgf) load gauge to read upto 0.50KN (50kgf)
  • Conical Loading Platens
  • Diaphragm Bolt

SE-Test India is now among the preferred point load test apparatus manufacturers, suppliers and exporters at best price in Delhi, India! We make our instruments as per the global standards and industry best practices to make sure that quality never suffers.

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