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Bitumen and Ashphalt Testing Lab Equipments

Digital Marshall Stability Test Apparatus

Business Type: Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, Retailers, Wholesalers

Make: Setest India
Origin: India

Model No.: SET-1310

Standards: ASTM: D 1559 T- 62. BS 598-107

SE-Test India’s digital marshall stability test apparatus, Model No. SET-1310, is a manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Delhi, India, as per the ASTM: D 1559 T-62 and BS 598-107 industry standards to determine and analyse the mix design. The Marshall stability test, a robust construction, is intended or used to measure the resistance to the plastic flow of cylindrical samples or specimens of a bituminous paving mixture that is loaded on a lateral surface. The Marshall stability of a mix, at a standard 60ºC temperature, is defined as the maximum load carried by the compacted specimen. In this, an attempt is made to determine the optimum binder value of the content for the aggregate mix type and traffic intensity.

Digital Marshall Stability Test Apparatus Load Frame
A MS welded frame of 50 KN capacity with an AC motor and worm gear box setup within the base unit, travelling at a platen speed of 50.8 mm/min at uniform speed. 50kN proving. Limit switches are fitted on the lower and upper parts to cut out the platen overrun on the downward and upward travel. A handle is fitted on the right side of the load frame for manual operation during calibration etc. The load frame is fitted with a reverse/forward switch and a power indicator light in the front load frame. suitable to work on a 230V, 50 Hz, AC single-phase motor. We are one of digital marshall stability test apparatus manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Delhi, India.

3 Nos of Marshal Mould
4" dia X 3" moulds for specimens with base plates and extension collars. made of steel. (6" dia mould can be supplied for modified proctor at extra cost)

Compaction Pedestal
made of a hard wood block with a steel plate base, complete with specimen mould holder, semi-circular base, and a circular top to hold a 4" dia specimen mould in place during compaction of the specimen. (Pedestal to accommodate a 6" dia specimen can be supplied at extra cost.)

2 Nos of Compaction Rammer
compact rammer has a flat circular base for use with a compaction specimen on a pedestal. The hammer has a falling weight of 4.535 kg and a falling height of 457 mm. If the process is modified, the falling weight will be 10.2 kg.

Breaking Head Assembly
A MS made breaking head, nickel coated, consisting of upper and lower split cylindrical segments with provision for fixing a dial gauge. suitable to take 4" dia specimens and 6" dia. on special order.

Specimen Extractor
Consisting of a loading rod, round plate and steel ball for extraction of specimen from mould.

Digital Marshall Stability Test Apparatus Specification:

  • Comes with a capacity of 50 KN.
  • Offers 50.8mm/min rate of travel.
  • Safe and secure as cut-off switch is available.
  • Consists of body housing and a geared screw jack with motor drive mechanism.
  • Supplied with one Marshall Load frame.
  • For flow measurement, comes with one breaking head stability mould equipped with a dial gauge (of 25mm travel with least count of 0.01 mm).
  • Three steel cylindrical compaction mould.
  • 3 Base plates and 3 extension collars.
  • For manual operation, a compaction pedestal comprising of a steel plate capped on the wooden post. One mould cap is also fitted on the top of the plate.
  • Two compaction hammer with 4535g siding weight with a free fall of 457mm.
  • One bar for load transfer.
  • One packet (100 no.) of Paper Discs of 11 cm diameter (non-absorbent).
  • Voltage: 230 V A.C. of 50 Hz with single phase supply.
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