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SOIL Testing Lab Equipment

In-Situ Vane Shear Test

Business Type: Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, Retailers, Wholesalers

Make: Setest India
Origin: India

Model No.: SET-1243

Standards: IS 4434-1967

We are manufacturers, suppliers and exportersIn Situ Vane Shear Testof best quality to our clients in Delhi, India.At Civil lab equipment manufacturers is provide situ vane shear testfor best designed conducting from bottom of a bore hole in saturated cohesive deposits for determining their in place shearing resistance.

In situ vane shear test equipment consists of a torque applicator assembly mounted on a base, a gear wheel, which is marked in degrees, holds a torque ringgeared to a crank and the torque ring is a split ring and deforms as applied and the deformation is indicated by a dial gauge. In situvanu shear test calibration chart convert gauge reading to torque force in kgs/cm2 supplied.

We providedrotations of the registering vane, a detachable stand to anchor the instrument an attachment to securely hold the string of rods equipmentsprovided. In situ vane shear test apparatus capacity is 2000kg/cm2 with split proving ring and dial gauge 0.002 x 5mm with provide stand.

The equipment consists of the following replaceable part:

SET-1243 No
Torque applicator assembly cap. 2000kg/cm2complete with stand No. 1
Vane (with vane rod) 37.5mm dia x 75mm high No. 1
Vane (with vane rod) 50.0mm dia x 100mm high No. 1
Torque rod ( square cross section) 0.6mts long No. 1
Rods quick couplind type, 1 mtr. long Nos. 25
Rods quick coupling type, 1 ½ mtr. long Nos. 10
Dummy rod, corresponding to 37.5mm dia vane No. 1
Dummy rod, corresponding to 50.0mm dia vane No. 1
Optional accessories
Vane (with vane rod) 65mm dia x 130mm high
Vane (with vane rod) 75mm dia x 150mm high
Vane (with vane rod) 100mm dia x 200mm high
Guide with ball bearing arrangement for alignment of string of rods, for use with 10 cm casing pipe.
Guide with ball bearing arrangement for alignment of string of rods, for use with 15 cm casing pipe

SE-Test India has earned the trust among the clients that are spread around the world.With such vast products portfolio to choose from, SE-Test India is counted among the top In Situ Vane Shear Testsuppliers and manufacturers and exporters in Delhi, India.

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