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Rock Testing Lab Equipments

Core Cutting/Core Drilling Machine Motorized

Business Type: Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, Retailers, Wholesalers

Make: Setest India
Origin: India

Model No.: SET-1503

At SE-Test India, we are core cutting core drilling machine manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers on Delhi, India of core cutting and core drilling machines, including drill motor, base, column, carriage, control panel, friction clutch, motor mount plate, rack, gear-box, out-setting water swivel seal, hydraulic system. SE-Test India provides optional parts including a water pump, a rod for the ceiling jack, a water container, and adapters. The industry standard, designed for concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, and brick in construction, core cutting core drilling machine manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in Delhi, India.

Core Cutting Core Drilling Machine Motorized Specifications

  • Core cutting core drilling machine Voltage up to 220 V / 50Hz
  • Core cutting core drilling machine 2800W input power
  • Core cutting core drilling machine 840 rpm load speed
  • Maximum bit diameter: Ø50mm or 100mm or 150mm
  • 1 1/4"UNC Shaft Male


  • Compact size with light weight as well as operation safety
  • The drills are equipped clutch protection friction as well as over load current for protecting motor
  • High-strength gear to keep the drill working constantly long hours
  • Excellent speed, smooth and stability during drilling
  • Out setting water swivel sea replacement when the seal worn out
  • Bits capacity 25mm Dia and 150mm Dia
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