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Bitumen and Ashphalt Testing Lab Equipments

Automatic Asphalt Content Tester

Business Type: Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, Retailers, Wholesalers

Make: Setest India
Origin: India

Model No.: SET-1322

We are a leading automatic asphalt content tester manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Delhi, India. The Automatic Asphalt Content Ignition Oven Tester is an Advanced Microcontroller-based equipment designed for the rapid and precise determination of Asphalt Content using the electric ignition over method. This cost-effective and environmentally friendly testing solution offers an efficient alternative to traditional methods, providing reliable results while saving time and increasing productivity.

Asphalt content tester has significantly reduced testing time and manpower requirements. Another remarkable feature of automatic asphalt content testers is their ability to perform non-destructive testing. This means that the asphalt samples used for testing can be reutilized after analysis, saving both time and material costs. Non-destructive testing eliminates the need for sample preparation and disposal, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability in road construction projects. Additionally, the ability to reuse samples allows for further analysis and quality control checks throughout the construction process.

It is equipped with user-friendly interfaces and advanced data management systems. These interfaces streamline the testing process, making it accessible to technicians and engineers with varying levels of experience. The data management systems enable efficient storage, retrieval, and analysis of test results, facilitating accurate record-keeping and quality control monitoring. The availability of historical data allows for trend analysis and identification of any deviations, helping to ensure the consistency and quality of asphalt mixes over time.

The field of automatic asphalt content testing continues to evolve with ongoing advancements in technology. The most recent model includes an afterburner for precise measurement of bitumen content in asphalt mixes, a high-temperature ceramic filtration system, a 4000g sample capacity, and an integrated +0.1 g accuracy weighing scale. The equipment is designed for ease of use and also comes with a touchscreen controller that displays real-time data and enables intuitive operations through its user-defined automatic endpoint detection and 24-hour start timer.

We are a leading automatic asphalt content tester manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Delhi, India, and we only provide quality machines to our customers. By buying the automatic asphalt content tester from us, all your construction projects can benefit from enhanced quality control, improved decision-making, and ultimately, the construction of more durable and reliable road infrastructure.

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