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Laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus Motorized

Model No.: SET-1242


Product Description: Laboratory Vane Sheer Apparatus has been manufactured with the best quality raw materials making it robust and long-lasting. It is a highly useful equipment when it comes to soil testing and hence the accuracy is of utmost importance. The product delivered by SE-Test meets all industry requirements and comes up with only the most accurate results.

SE-Test India Manufactured Laboratory Vane Sheer Apparatus has:

  • A torque head that is adjustable with respect to the height. The adjustment can be done with the help of the main screw that is rotated by a drive-wheel that allows the vane to be dropped till the height of the specimen.
  • The vane is rotated with the help of an electrical motor that rotates at 1/60 rotations per minute.
  • It is suitable for a 230V AC Single Phase operation in which the worm gear is turned at the upper end of the calibration torsion spring.
  • All the parts of the apparatus including the vane height, vane size, vane diameter and rod diameter are as per industry specifications.
  • Vane shaft is attached to the pointer through a hollow shaft in the upper section.
  • There are four sets of springs.
  • A wooden carry-case is also provided.

SE-Test Laboratory Vane Sheer Apparatus is attached through the hollow upper shaft to a resettable pointer, which indicates the angle indicates the angle of torque on a dial graduated in degree the dial reading multiplied by spring factor gives the torque a container for soil sample is also supplied and a sampling tube of 38mm. i.d. and 150mm long can also be used as container . Supplied with set of four springs, one each of approx. 2 KGS/cm2, 4kgs/cm2, 6 KGS/cm2 and 8kgs/cm2 complete as above in a wooden carrying case.

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Laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus

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