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SE-Test India manufactures wide range of aggregate testing lab equipments that are made use of in the civil engineering projects of diversity. We have been making frontline aggregate testing equipment and apparatuses that are marked by functions of sophistication and high precision! All the testing instruments have been designed and developed as per the industry standards and conform to the globally accepted parameters. SE-Test India also ensures the use of highest grade materials in the manufacturing of aggregate testing equipments so as to ensure quality and versatility.

Being the leading aggregate testing equipment manufacturers, we make diversity of instruments to match the emergent requirements of civil engineers and lab analysts. Our products serve the precision measurement demands for whole range of aggregates like stone, sand, gravel, concrete mixes, recycled concrete and geo-synthetic materials of high utility in modern age.

The aggregate testing lab instruments have been developed to cater to differential analyses demands of engineers. They can derive reliable and objective inferences from our machines as regards strength, compaction/cohesion, selective bonding affinities, attrition ratios and such other parameters of vital importance in construction sector.

Here are the aggregate testing instruments that we make –

  • Thickness Gauge
  • Length Gauge
  • Cylindrical Measures
  • Density Basket
  • Specific Gravity And Water Absorbing Capacity Testing
  • Riffle Sample Divider
  • Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus
  • Aggregate Impact Tester With Blow Counter
  • Skid Resistance And Friction Tester Standard
  • Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine – Analog And Digital
  • Dorry Abrasion Testing Machine
  • Devel Attrition Tester
  • Jaw Crusher
  • Pulveriser
  • Tile Abrasion Testing Machine

SE-Test India manufactures the entire range of aggregate testing apparatuses that can be used by the engineers and lab technicians. We make thickness gauge, length gauge, cylindrical measures, density baskets, specific gravity and water absorbing capacity testing instrument, riffle sample divider, aggregate crushing value apparatus, aggregate impact tester with blow counter apparatus, skid resistance and friction tester standard, Los Angeles abrasion testing machine (both analog and digital), Dorry abrasion testing machine, Devel attrition tester, jaw crusher, pulveriser and the tile abrasion testing machine among others products.

SE-Test India has responded to the use of new aggregates in the construction and engineering projects. We therefore make the testing instruments that offer true values for any particular aggregate and its affinity with the bonding materials like cement and catalyzing agents. With such broad range of instruments, we have become the number one aggregate testing equipment suppliers.

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