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Permeability Apparatus Three Cell

Model No.: SET-1144

SE Test India Pvt. Ltd is a famous organization, which is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of the permeability apparatus of three cell model. The organization has national and international

The Standard of the Permeability Apparatus : SE Test India Pvt. Ltd maintains approved quality standard IS 3085 and DIN 1048. Thus, we have made a reliable image and permanent client in India and in all over the world.

Concrete Permeability Apparatus Three Cell Product Description : Concrete Permeability Apparatus Three Cell is available for 6, 9, 12, 18 cells. The measuring cylinder of the apparatus is of 500cc for measurement of the draining water. The pressure regulator can regulate up to 0-15 Kg/cm Square. The air pressure compressor is applied to 2 HP capacities.

Note: The pressure chamber is fitted with a pressure regulator which helps in regulating the pressure from 0-15kg/cm sq. Gauge is for indicating the pressure in the cell. A foot pump and a pressure tube is supplied to develop pressure in the chamber. The apparatus is supplied with a measuring cylinder 500cc to measure percolated quantity to water.

Concrete Permeability Apparatus Three Cell Manufacturer Specification:

  • It encompasses mild steel cell of the cross section in either round or square shape.
  • The cells are connected with the pressure chamber
  • The entire assembly is stood on a stand, where a T connector is mounted rubber hosepipe and sleeve packed valve.
  • The assembly of the cells is connected with a base plate and at the top; it is connected with the nozzles.
  • The pressure chamber has a regulator to control the air pressure in it.


  • Pressure can also be applied; by a pressure air line or by a compressor (2 HP capacity), can be supplied at an extra cost.
  • Model available for 6, 9, 12, 18 cells permeability also.

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Permeability Apparatus Three Cell

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