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Model No.: SET-1609

A Photo Colorimeter is a small and easy-to-use instrument that can measure any concentration of a photo colorimeter. Percent Transmission (percent T), Absorbance (percent Abs.), Concentration (percent Conc.), and KFactor are all displayed on a three-digit, seven-segment red LED display by microprocessor photo colorimeter manufacturers in Delhi, India. Convenience and accuracy are combined in a novel way with this method.

In-built filters provide coverage for a broad variety of wavelengths, ranging from 400 to 700 nm. A revolving disc controls the filter setting. To prevent photodiode fatigue, an in-built shutter control is provided. Whenever the instrument is turned on, the lamp lights up, and light travels through a solution to a detector, where it is measured in absorbance or percent T. The light source is a tungsten lamp that has been pre-focused. The device complies with all applicable safety and general requirements. Microprocessor photo colorimeter suppliers in Delhi, India can make you understand things in a better way.

Indian as well as international customers may rely on us to provide and export high-quality Photo Colorimeter. The best colorimeters from microprocessor photometer exporters in Delhi, India combine ease of use with great precision and accuracy in analysis, and these may be found in microprocessor and digital photometers.

Standard Glass Filters : 8 (Wavelength range 400 - 700nm).
Minimum Volume : 1ml.
Display : 3.5Digit Bright Red 7 Segment LED Display.
% Transmittance : 0 - 100%.
Absorbance : 0 - 1.99.
Concentration : 0 - 999.
Resolution : 1% T, 0.01 Abs, 1 Conc., 0.01 K factor
Key Board : 5 keys, Soft touch membrane type.
Auto Zeroing : Available (for Abs) and 100% for %T.
Light Source : 6.3V - 0.3 Amp., Tungsten Lamp.
Power : 230V ± 10% 50 Hz AC.
Memory : Facility for storage of 3 standard concentrations.

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Microprocessor Photo Colorimeter

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