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Bitumen and Ashphalt Testing Lab Equipment

Marshall Stability Test Apparatus

Model No.: SET-1310

Standards: ASTM: D 1559 T- 62. BS 598-107

Marshall Stability Test Apparatus Description:SE-Test India’s Marshall Stability Test Apparatus, Model No. SET-1310 is manufactured as per the ASTM: D 1559 T- 62 and BS 598-107 industry standards. Marshall Stability Test, a robust construction, is intended or used to measure the resistance to the plastic flow of cylindrical samples or specimens of a bituminous paving mixture that is loaded on a lateral surface. The Marshall stability of mix, at a standard 60ºC temperature, is defined as a maximum load carried by the compacted specimen. In this an attempt is made to determine the optimum binder value of the content for the aggregate mix type and traffic intensity.


  • Comes with a capacity of 50 KN.
  • Offers 50.8mm/min rate of travel.
  • Safe and secure as cut-off switch is available.
  • Consists of body housing and a geared screw jack with motor drive mechanism.
  • Supplied with one Marshall Load frame.
  • For flow measurement, comes with one breaking head stability mould equipped with a dial gauge (of 25mm travel with least count of 0.01 mm).
  • Three steel cylindrical compaction mould.
  • 3 Base plates and 3 extension collars.
  • For manual operation, a compaction pedestal comprising of a steel plate capped on the wooden post. One mould cap is also fitted on the top of the plate.
  • Two compaction hammer with 4535g siding weight with a free fall of 457mm.
  • One bar for load transfer.
  • One packet (100 no.) of Paper Discs of 11 cm diameter (non-absorbent).
  • Voltage: 230 V A.C. of 50 Hz with single phase supply.

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