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Aggregate Testing Lab Equipment

Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine

Model No.: SET-1410

Standards: IS 2386 (PART IV) ASTM C 131, AASHTO T-96

SE-Test India as a manufacturers and suppliers of Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine or instrument needs no introduction in the market, as their contribution in developing advanced testing equipments define their paramount profile. SE-Test India’s Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machines (model no. SET-11410) are compliant with the IS 2386 (PART IV), ASTM C 131, and AASHTO T-96 industry standards. It is used to determine the resistance to abrasion to wear off the capacity of fragmentized small sizes of crushed rock and coarse aggregates.

Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine Specification:

  • Consists of the hollow cylinder which is mounted horizontally on the study frame on a ball bearing.
  • An opening is there which can easily be closed with the dust-tight cover that helps to facilitate the charging and discharging the drum carrying the test material.
  • An extended detachable shelf that can be put in the drum throughout the inside length, which catches the abrasive charge and doesn't allow to fall on the cover.
  • An electric motored with the speed of 30 to 33 rpm is used through a heavy reduction gear to rotate the drum.
  • To the frame, a revolution counter is fitted.
  • To collect the material at the end of the test, a tray is supplied.
  • A Complete with Abrasive Charge consists of a set of twelve hardened steel balls with 48mm DIA (approx.).
  • Voltage: 440 V A.C. with 3 phase supply, 50 cycles.

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los angeles abrasion testing machine

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