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Laboratory California Bearing Ratio Apparatus Motorized

Model No.: SET-1237

Standards: IS 9669, IS : 2720 (PART XVI)

Product Description: SE-Test India’s Laboratory California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus with model number SET-1237 is manufactured as per the IS 9669 and IS 2720 (PART XVI) industry Standards. This California Bearing Ratio test is also called the CBR test which is used to determine the expansion characteristics and relative bearing ration under the known surcharge of the weight of a base, sub-base, and sub-grade soils to design the pavements, runways, and roads. The CBR test is extensively used in the selection of the materials and sub-grade controls. It can be performed in the lab on prepared samples or in-situ on the location.


The Laboratory California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus from the SE-Test Laboratories consists of the following:
  • 50kn (5000 kg) Capacity of Load Frame with 3 Speeds.
  • 150mm ID x 175mm high mould.
  • A Perforated Base Plate for 150mm ID x 50mm high Extension Collar.
  • A 50 mm face dia Penetration Piston
  • For Penetration Dial Gauge an adjustable Bracket is available.
  • A Circular Metal Spacer Disc with the detachable handle of 148 mm dia x 47.7 mm high time.
  • An annular Metal Weight of 2.5 kg with 147mm dia with a central hole of 53 mm dia.
  • A perforated Metal Weight of 2.5 kg. with 147mm dia with 53mm dia soft
  • A Perforated Plate of 148mm dia with adjustable stem and lock nut.
  • A Metal Tripod for Dial Gauge.
  • A Cutting Collar.
  • A Rammer of 2.6kg with 310mm controlled drop.
  • A Rammer of 4.9kg with 450mm controlled drop.
  • A Proving Ring with 50 KN capacities.
  • A Dial Gauge of 25 mm travel with 0.01mm least count Optional


  • An Annular Metal Weight of 5 kg with 147mm dia and the central hole of 53 mm dia.
  • A Slotted Metal Weight of 5 kg with 147mm dia with 53mm dia slot.

Note: Digital CBR Testing Machine is also available.

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Laboratory California Bearing Ratio Apparatus

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