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Bitumen & Ashphalt Testing Lab Equipment

Kinematic Viscometer Bath

Model No.: SET-1307


Specification: This bath is designed and developed under the strict supervision of our experienced professionals in accordance with the international quality standards. Our offered bath is thoroughly checked on various parameters to ensure zero-defect. This bath is widely used in national laboratories and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Intelligent signal sampling for accurate data measuring and parameter reading
  • Accurate viscometer for improving experimental efficiency
  • High precision digital display
  • Ideal for controlling the temperature accuracy
  • Durable glass bath for optimum heat preservation
  • Desktop based all-in-one design for easy operations and portability
  • Electric stirrer for ensuring uniform temperature of bath
  • Easy cleaning and drying of viscometer tubes

Other Information:

The accompanying absolute kinematic viscosity bath are utilized to measure supreme thickness of consistency reviewed clearing bitumen (IS:73:2006) at 60°C as per IS:1206 (part II) (like ASTM D 2171), which utilizes a vacuum slender viscometer. Complete absolute viscosity testing equipment adjusting to IS: 1206 (part II) method for testing tar and bitumen materials: determination of absolute viscosity with the accompanying segments:

Consistent Temperature Bath - a suitable shower for drenching of no less than 2 vacuum fine viscometer tubes with a computerized temperature controller. The precision of the temperature in the shower will be + 0.1oc all through the shower. Vacuum System - capable of keeping up a vacuum inside + 0.05 cm of the coveted level the systemwill comprise of vacuum pump, dampness trap, vacuum c o n t ro l l e r, d ra i n va lve, a l l i n t e rc o n n e c t i n g tubing/channeling, and some other frill as required to finish the vacuum framework.

Thermometer for Bath - mercury in glass, run 37.8 to 82°c, and graduations of 0.2°c

Timing Device - a stop watch is fit of perusing up to 1 second.

Cannon - manning vacuum viscometers - viscometer holder and silicone stopper. Size 12 and size 13 (one every) [size 12 is suitable for testing VG-10 and size 13 is suitable for testing VG-20, VG-30, and VG-40 bitumen.

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Kinematic Viscometer Bath

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