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Bitumen and Ashphalt Testing Lab Equipment

Kinematic Viscometer Bath

Model No.: SET-1307


Kinematic Viscometer Bath Description: SE-Test India Pvt. Ltd., a reliable Kinematic Viscometer Bath Manufacturers and Suppliers, brings the most advanced product for measuring the resistance flow of oils, a Kinematic Viscometer Bath. Kinematic viscosity is a very critical parameter or a factor of oils. Kinematic Viscosity Bath equipment is utilized to measure the kinematic viscosity of a variety of oils such as lubricating fluid, crude oil, peanut oil, and diesel fuel etc.

SE-TEST India, Kinematic Viscometer Bath designed as per IS: 1206 (part II) clearing bitumen (IS:73:2006) at 60°C, that utilizes the vacuum slender viscometer to test the complete absolute viscosity of tar and bitumen materials. It can measure the supreme thickness of consistency, which is very crucial in certain industries. It offers accurate temperature reading and measuring with the highest efficiency with précised digital display.

Consistent Temperature Bath - A suitable steeliness steel shower for drenching of no less than 2 vacuum fine viscometer tubes with a PID based computerized temperature controller. The precision of the temperature in the shower will be + 0.1oC all through the shower.

Vacuum System –A vacuum systemcapable of keeping up a vacuum inside + 0.05 cm of the coveted level The system will comprise of vacuum pump, dampness trap, vacuum controller, drain valve, all interconnecting tubing/channeling, and some other frill as required to finish the vacuum framework.

Thermometer for Bath - Mercury type thermometer, run 37.8 to 82oC, and graduations of 0.2oC

Timing Device - A stop watch is fit of perusing up to 1 second.

Cannon - Manning Vacuum Viscometers - Viscometer holder and silicone stopper. Size 12 and Size 13 (one every) [size 12 is suitable for testing VG-10 and Size 13 is suitable for testing VG-20, VG-30, and VG-40 bitumen.


  • Signal Sampling is done intelligently to ensure accurate data measuring and reading.
  • High-precision digital display.
  • For optimum heat, preservation comes with a durable glass bath.
  • Experimental efficiency achieved with an accurate viscometer.
  • Temperature accuracy can be controlled easily.
  • Easy portability and operational efficiency as comes in desktop based design.
  • For the uniform temperature of the bath comes with an electric stirrer.
  • Viscometer tubes are easy to clean and dry.

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Kinematic Viscometer Bath

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