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Direct Shear Test Apparatus

Model No.: SET-1234 (Motorized Single and Twelve Speed)

Standards: IS 2720 (PART XIII)

Specification: A direct test is done by laboratory through this equipment’s. The test covers the determination of the consolidated drained shear strength of a soil or sand material in direct Shear. The automatic residual shear test Machine is supplied complete with load hanger carriage assembly and an integral lever loading device. The machine is comparable with a range of square and round shear box assembled. SE-Test direct Shear test apparatus is controlled by a high resolution servomotor and gear box assembly. The direct shear test Machine comprises of Direct shear Box assembly for 60mm×60mm×25mm thick specimen, shear box housing, specimen cutter, loading unit with a capacity of 80,kg/cm2. SE-Test direc shear apparatus weights to give normal stress of 3kg/cm2, proving Ring duly calibrated by Nccbm (Govt) of 2.5kN.

Shear Box Housing:

Accommodates the direct shear box assembly.
Complete with two ball roller strips.
Specimen cutter: for cutting 60 x 60 x 25 mm.
Specimen form larger samples. Set of weights to give a normal stress of 3kg/sa.cm. Through larger as following :

To give kg/cm. sq. Qty.
0.05 4 nos.
0.1 1 no.
0.2 1 no.
0.5 3 nos.
1.0 1 no.

Direct Shear Test Apparatus Specifications:

  • Se-test Frictionless structure: it can adjust the interval between upper and lower shearing boxes. Each shearing system takes Ball bearing.
  • Shearing Box: it takes simple and useful structure (upper box moves freely and lower box follows up it) and hasno unclear machinery error due to the complexity.
  • Specimen size Dia. 60×60mm or (dia.60×10mm is possible)
  • Vertical load: hearing load loading capacity 800kN/m2×1pc for 50kN/m×4pcs and for 100N/m2×6pcs
  • Vertical loading measurement dial Gauge type, 1/100×30mm.

Direct Shear Test Apparatus Essential Accessories:

High sensitivity compression proving ring. Cap 200kg. One consolidation dial gauge 0.01mm x 25mm and one strain dial gauge 0.01mm x 25mm

Note: Digital Direct Shear Test is also available.

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Direct Shear Test Apparatus

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