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Density Of Fresh And Hardened Concrete

Model No.: SET-1131


SE-Test India offers density of fresh as well as hardened concrete for judging the strength and stability of concrete specimens of diversity. Our machine (Model SET 1113) has been developed as per the international standards. Our density of fresh as well as hardened concrete is of greater importance for the engineers for a variety of reasons. This includes the effect on strength, durability and resistance to permeability. Hardened concrete density is ascertained through easy dimensional checks or is followed by calculation and the weightage or via buoyancy methods with air/water.

We provided buoyancy balance comprises of a robust support frame. The equipment consists of water tank which rests on a platform. A lifting instrument is utilized to uplift the water tank equal to the frame height to immerse the specimen suspended on the cradle below the balance fixed on it.

The equipment supplied by us can also be utilized as proper weighting device, thus dispensing an extensive and versatile weightage system for the laboratory. The sample is weighed in water and air for calculating the density of the new concrete. It is also preferred for ascertaining the slump of fine aggregate for determining defined gravity and absorption of rather fine aggregate.

We are one of the best density of fresh as well as hardened concrete manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Delhi, India, our instruments as per the global standards and industry best practices to make sure that quality never suffers. Through continued innovation, we succeeded in developing testing instruments of density of fresh as well as hardened concrete for the professionals.

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Density of Fresh And Hardened Concrete

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