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Curing Tank

Model No.: SET-1125

SE Test India Pvt. Ltd is a renowned manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of quality curing tanks. They produce this device as per the quality standard rule. In this way, they have become worthy enough in this field with a lot of customers in construction fields, which has to deal with the difference of temperatures like laboratories, testing centers etc.

The Features in This Device : SE Test India Pvt. Ltd manufactures the products like curing tank with its necessary features in the respective field. It takes 24 hours of the cycle from the mixing time. The curing temperature for concrete is controlled with 350C or 1000 C +/- 2. The same curing temperature for grey cement is 270C +/- 2. The available measurements of the curing tanks are 6/12, 12/24, 24/48, 36/72, which molds of 150 mm/70.6 mm size.

Note: Accelerated curing tank with cooling arrangement is also available.

SET-1125 A Curing Tank for 6/12 moulds of 150 mm / 70.6 mm size
SET-1125 B Curing Tank for 12/24 moulds of 150 mm / 70.6 mm size
SET-1125 C Curing Tank for 24/48 moulds of 150 mm / 70.6 mm size
SET-1125 D Curing Tank for 36/72 moulds of 150 mm / 70.6 mm size


  • The standard accommodation of the cube is 150 mm/ 70.6 mm, which is able to mold up to 32/37 cube.
  • There are two removable racks for the free flow circulation of the water.
  • There are respective compartments for accommodating the pumps, drains and other electrical equipment in the device.
  • There is an immersion heater to heat the tank and there is a refrigerator for the grey cement, which has to be controlled at 350C.

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