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Cube Mould (Metal)

Model No.: SET-1118

Product Description:SE-Test India manufactures high quality metallic cube moulds for testing and analysis of the specimens for the parameters of strength, compaction and others. We make very precise moulds as per the demands of construction engineers and laboratories catering the civil engineering verticals. The moulds are made as per the Indian and British standards and conform to all the desirable dimensional characteristics sought for accurate testing. The metallic cube moulds of SE-Test India are developed with the best grade steel and cast iron material to ensure highest quality and finishing of them. Durability is also maximized due to non corrosive and rust resistant nature of the cube moulds.

Product Specifications –
Find out the objective specifications of our cube moulds here below –

  • Metric sized cube moulds are available with machined flat surfaces and +/- 0.2 mm accuracy attributes while finishing is within 0.2 mm
  • Inch sized cube moulds are offered as machined flat with +/- 0.01 inch accuracy and with 0.01 inch finish
  • The metal moulds are delivered complete with their base plate of metal together with the fasteners, clamps and springs

Our metal cube moulds are made as per the industry requirements and are used for high level testing of specimens towards ensuring core stability and strength of structures and buildings.


SET-1118 A Cast Iron Mortar Cube Mould 50mm, Single Gang
SET-1118 B Cast Iron Mortar Cube Mould 50mm, Three Gang
SET-1118 C Mild Steel Cement Cube Mould 70.6mm, with Loose Base Plate
SET-1118 D Cast Iron Concrete Mould 75mm Single Gang
SET-1118 E Cast Iron Concrete Mould 100mm Light Weight
SET-1118 F Cast Iron Concrete Mould 100mm Clamp Type (8.5 KG) Four Part
SET-1118 G Cast Iron Concrete Mould 150mm Light Weight 8KG
SET-1118 H Cast Iron Concrete Mould 150mm ISI Marked
SET-1118 I Cast Iron Concrete Mould 150mm Clamp Type (18 KG) Four Part
SET-1118 J Cast Iron Concrete Mould 150mm Clamp Type (16 KG) Two Part
SET-1118 K Plastic Mould 150mm

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Cube Mould

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