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Consolidation Apparatus Single Gang

Model No.: SET-1232

Standards: IS 2720 (PART XV)

Product Description: SE-Test Laboratories Consolidation Apparatus is a soil testing lab apparatus that is built as per IS 270 (Part XV) Standards. Failures and cracks happen in the soil due to the consolidation of the clay deposit, which further reduce the soil volume. This apparatus is helpful for calculating the settlement happened over the soil structure i.e. understanding the history of the soil deposit built on clayey soil.

Consolidation Apparatus (Single Gang) Specifications:
A standard consolidation apparatus consists of

  • • A loading unit which can hold a maximum capacity if 20 kg per cubic metre.
  • The loading yoke is connected to a lever arm through a counter balance.
  • With a lever ratio of 1:1, the balance is mounted on a compact steel stand.
  • The loading units are suitable for use with consolidation cells of various diameters and consolidation cells that are floating ring type.
  • Odeometer, the fixed type Consolidation meter is an assembly that can be used for testing specimens that are of 60mm diameter and 20mm thickness along with the guide ring.
  • Porous stones at the top and bottom of the specimen.
  • Channel based and perforated pressure pad along with the gasket and water inlet are provided.
  • The water reservoir comes with a pinch cork and a plastic tube.
  • The set of weights can give a pressure of 10 kg per cubic metre. Twenty three weights are given along with the apparatus:
  • 1.00Kg per cubic metre - 5 nos
    0.50 Kg per cubic metre - 6 nos
    0.10 Kg per cubic metre - 5 nos
    0.05 Kg per cubic metre - 7 nos


  • A Dial gauge: 0.0002 * 5 mm. to 0.002 * 5mm.
  • Extension of 40mm length.
  • 50 Test form pads for single dimensional consolidation.

Note: Three Gang Consolidation test apparatus is also available

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Consolidation Apparatus Single Gang

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