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Concrete Flow Table Test Set

Model No.: SET-1106

Standards: EN 12350-5

SE-Test India offers concrete flow table test set for judging the strength and stability of concrete specimens of diversity. Our machine (Model SET 1106) has been developed as per the international standards EN 12350-5. SE-Test India Pvt. Ltd is a manufactures and supplies the concrete flow table test set, which is used for high capacity concrete mix and to maintain a flow index by the means of arithmetic. It supplies this product in the reputed construction projects under governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Quality standard of the products

In Se Test India Pvt. Ltd, we are professional enough to maintain standard qualities of the products. We are provide concrete flow table test set is manufactured by the means of International standard EN 12350-5.

Product Concrete Flow Table Test Set

The dimension of the apparatus is 700 X 850 X 300 mm and the weight is 40 kg. Between the two tables, the measurement of the upper table is 700 X 700 mm. The top diameter of the stainless steel cone is 130 +/- 2; the height and base diameter are both 200 +/- 2 and its thickness is 1.5 mm. Set concrete flow test 1106 set Ais for cone flow and concrete flow test set 1106 B is made of wooden tamper 40 X 40 X 335.

SET-1106 Concrete flow table test set
SET-1106-A Flow cone for
SET-1106-B Wooden tamper 40 x 40 x 335 mm

Specification Concrete flow table test set

  • The apparatus is made of a double steel table.
  • The flow index is shown in the arithmetic count.
  • The upper table is hinged on the lower one.
  • The top table is corrosion protected.

SE-Test India manufactures high quality concrete flow table test set for testing and analysis of the specimens for the parameters of strength, compaction and others. We are concrete flow table test set manufacturers and suppliers, exporters in Delhi, India.

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Concrete Flow Table Test

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