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Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus

Model No.: SET-1002

Standards: IS 4031, 5516, 1727 and 4828, ASTM C-204, BS 4359-2

SE-Test India offers Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus for judging the strength and stability of concrete specimens of diversity. Our machine (Model SET 1002) has been developed as per the international standards IS 4031, 5516, 1727 and 4828, ASTM C-204, BS 4359-2. We are manufacturers and suppliers and exporters of Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus that are appreciated for their study nature and functionality. Moreover, we also supply and export Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus to a large customer base as per the industry standsards.

SE-Test India Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus is utilized for ascertaining the fineness of the Portland cement, limes as well as similar powders that are measured in terms of their surface. By making use of this apparatus, the air quantity is drawn via the bed of specific porosity. The pore volume in the bed determines the rate of air flow.

SE-Test India components that apparatus comprises of are perforated disk,stainless-steel test cell, calibrated U-tube manometer, plunger, rubber aspirator as well as bulb. All these components come mounted on robust wood panel equipped with base.

Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus following accessories

  • Filter Paper
  • Manometer Liquid, 250 ml
  • Test Stand
  • U Manometer Tube
  • Rubber Aspirator
  • Plastic Funnel

SE-Test India Pvt. Ltd. offers complete range of Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus in civil engineering and construction sector. Our Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus are developed to assist the engineers and technicians in the detailed analysis of soil samples and derive accurate predictions there from.

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Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus

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